Dust in the wind

I strongly believe that the world has never changed, and all that happens is that we bring more perspective to it. We produce more things and look the universe trough them.

There is some magic in music, but never in the playlist you have. You can play songs on your device on and on,but magic happens when you pass a cafe and you hear familiar sounds. When you enter your car and drive your way home,after a long session of thinking the song of nostalgia begins.

You hear and feel the songs better when it suddenly and with no warning starts. It is like the tickling sensation. You can’t feel it when you tickle yourself. When you play a song, you deliberately tap play in order to feel the music.

It is not how things work. You have to be somewhere else in order to feel that moment, it has to bring you back to this world and only then you will feel alive.

We are so obsessed with the desire to take control over everything. We want to be the trigger and the stop sign. We want to overlook every action and every feeling.

But there is beauty when something takes control over you, a feeling, the weather, music, faith, a person even God.

I am not talking about being taken over as a person and controlled like a puppet.
It is about having the right to surrender, to feel loved, to love, to grief, to believe and to rely and finally to be happy and satisfied with absolutely everything life gives you. To be taken care of.

We are dust and its time to start loving the wind. Without it we would never see the world.


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