Song on the radio

I give my breakfast a brave look.

You know bread, I will be productive today,

you milk – don’t judge me I am trying my best!

It has been months since he left. I painted the walls green and blue, a horrible idea.

I bought new cushions for the sofa. They are fluffy and help when I need an emergency hug.

I miss his smell and his laziness. The way his eyes narrow when he smiles.

He is handsome and adorable somewhere else, where a girl compliments his beard in her head.

I don’t like the girl.

I bought a goldfish and placed it under the big cat sticker on the wall.

I am playing with irony, I have too much time to think.

I miss how he pokes me every morning to wake me up and then squeezes me until it becomes unbearable.

When he calls, comes to visit, I am a hero.

I don’t cry, I enjoy his visits and wave until I lose the bus out of sight.

He compliments my strength, I faintly understand what it means to be strong.

I hug a bear that smells like him.

But I don’t tell him these things at once and in detail.

When he asks me how I am, I tell him all this but comprised in the line – I miss you.

I hear him breathing to the phone, answering with I miss you too.

By the time he replies I have put my phone beside me and I weep.

I collect myself quickly and say: “Well, soon.”

“Soon.” – he replies.

Our song plays on the radio, as I watch the wind move the curtains.

I need new curtains and a new window.



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