I am rarely addressing people due my not so straightforward personality but this time i will make an exception.

My name is Sabina and I write. I live in a country where you have to make opportunities for yourself. Not a lot is offered from the government as it is corrupt and what not.

So I started my own small business I named Introvert’s corner.

To sum it up – I am a SFI affiliate, i market items from a site called TripleClicks and I gain commission from every item purchased from the link I have provided for you.

It is more like a hobby for enhancing my skills and it is fun. Whether I will be able to profit depends on lot of things. By the way if you want to join SFI there is a banner at the footer of my blog so you are free to inform yourself more about it and join.

So, now I am asking you for help 🙂 I will provide a link of items I chose to be in my shop. I made sure they are not expensive and that the shipping is free. For starters I included mugs, reading lamps, various decorative items and cushions.

If you are interested to buy something it will really make my day(s) !

If not, I will ask you to share my shop with your friends or even on your blog if you feel generous today :D.

If not, I appreciate you reading this to the end.

Have a nice day!

P.S If you have requests for items or suggestions or even critiques feel free to share them with me 🙂

The Link: http://gotclicks2.com/KCFK95FAb  Thank You!


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