It makes me giggle when I remember my hostility towards love, tenderness, kisses.

A grumpy girl throwing rocks at love birds, chasing Cupid far from her.

I did not hate the concept of love, I hated the fact that it was not meant for me. I did not get it as much as I wanted from my family. Later, this awful period in school stripped me of love as if I was Satan in person.

Then high school came. People respected me because they feared me. I gained some friends but I never saw them staying with me for this long.

Nobody hugged me, nobody kissed me. They would say they love me but words are dry and weak.

Then came college. Those boring lectures and him staring at me.

I made my “do not mess with me” face expression.

He did not even try.

I knew I had to work for things to get them. If you want a nice conversation give a smile, work for a pleasant atmosphere.

If you want someone to like you, be comfortable with who you are. If you are angry, disappointed, lonely, happy, satisfied do not show with words. Words are dry and idle.

Show it with how you treat a person, how you respond to questions the way you trust people. Be genuine.

This is indeed a way to go.

I hide myself under his beard and imagine a sky full of stars shining upon us.

I thank God a million times for not letting him give up on me.

He keeps saying that it was nothing, he was never scared, he just saw a girl in need for love.

Not a monster. I am not a monster. I do love. I am able to love.

I giggle at my past. Goodbye Neverland, you never existed.


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