Life in bloom

I look at wings of a butterfly
How free its wings swing

Yet the flight will not last

Its beauty is its doom

I look at the sky so broad and magnificent
At clouds as cotton candy
But hearing I do is a storm near
It has to be a doom

I look at water so clear in a bay
It is indeed a mirror
But whirling around an eye of soft skin
It will surely come out as doom

A well I see so slender above
And bees all about
They hum evenly a song of labor
But soon the sound will shout

I see a gay face in labor giving birth
To a smile between the nose
And chin shoved in chest

Oh my so neigh what happens here
Is the song of love and life
I look I see but don’t dare to feel
Cause feel is steel as knife.

Come to numb a being
Take my hand my dear
As long as stand is ours
Our fear will surely disappear.


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