vice ve..

Sun rays are beaming to my eyes. I see nothing. Still afraid of cold I keep my warm clothes on. My legs are hanging over the plastic garden chair arm. I hear insects making noises and lizards swiftly crawling through long grass hair. I miss rain. I miss it so much. I can hear the sound of it. I can hear the earth embracing the fallen drops. I sense the pressure on my roof and the serenity in my bed while I do nothing but lay still. Petrified. Still when it rains I wish for sun. How hypocritical of me.

My cat comes to salute me with cares. She salutes the sun as well. Ignore it as I do please.

The sun becomes more intense. Through the thick fabric of my pants I feel unbearable heat. Is it my punishment for wanting rain?

I don’t know.

That day is over. Rain came. I know I heard it. But now I listen to music seeking ease and ignoring the melody of divinity.

Pity. I forgot how rain works.



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