Oh you

I salute you feeling
Leave my being
So I can see you whole

Sprinkles of fire and I fear to say
Love to come
Are somewhere higher than this song

It means it does
That love for once is not an elegy
But as soon I have sung and my lyrics are done
I’ll see the wild ceremony

A young maiden in blood
A charming man in rust

And as I see I feel
The past as dust
I sense the relief and joy

Come to me vision
Delude me once again
I crave I beg for more
But once I blink
All I see is ink
Smudged on table and door

You can lead in singing about glory
Drown in beauty to live
But if your way is to hurry
You’ll meet all on path but bliss

My love is a dead butterfly
I pray for it to revive
But the more I sink with this ancre
I can’t believe you’re my savior

It’s not that I would not be glad
If you embraced this dead
But the waste of hands
Is not some time you
Would like to spend.


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