Lost in the melody of a frightening sound

I leveled the swampy soil to a cemetery ground
Where crosses and grave stones are pillars to heaven

and every sin I commit as human will make the height of stone there even

I cry some tears more to shake the sea to ocean

if slowly I grasp some water

will serenity peace my motion?

Then heaven’s gates open a way of light to me I feel the warmth on my back
It pierces to the heart of mine I turn to shine the golden back

But as I turn


it burns impaling trough my head
My heart nor me were blind
But it seem s like love and my Deity want to wreck my mind.

It’s painful dull and crazy
To love perish live in dying
When the sun you seek only beams
With unpredictable streams

I sin but only human I am
Or excuses I seek
To justify this restless soul
Which in attempts to blend in the madding crowd
Hides in shadows of self-built stones.

So I grab a bit of love and corner myself into the room of hope

Serenity oh you speck of divinity
How must I fast of your delight.

The spectrum of colors color the light
Losing all hope is to lose this adornment out of sight

Night and all it is
Is for a walking graveyard
The only bliss.


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