Modern person

I wear what I want to
My hair is contained
My face is scrubbed clean
I eat what I make

I am a person
I am a woman
I am what I tell I am
Cause no one gives a damn

I fit in the crowd
That doesn’t hand you a crown
But what makes you queen
Is what you believe to be

My body is sacred
My mind is self-sufficient
I need no kin
I need no him

This is the new age
The new way to live
Expel yourself of guilt
You need no person to live

The face you need to see
Is the image in your mirror
No god to order you good
No devil to boost your mood

This is the new century
Exchange kisses and pretend love
You have the right
You are right

No one has to judge you
If they do they are no one new
We all grip the hammer
Let’s hammer away

You don’t need
You are free
Tell what you think
Maybe your cage will shrink.


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