I dare not

In a sky full of your eyes

There is flight with no demise

There is beauty beyond compare

And a clock ticking

To ignore it, I dare


The vastness of the world is nothing

Your arms could not embrace

Yet you hold on to something

I dare not to say


Your head under my chin

Near the heart that loses its beat

And adjusts its movement

Imitating the way you breathe


I am not saying love, I do not dare

My hands seek your face, neck and stare

My everything, my something, the sweetest of all

I don’t dare to think that to this summer

There is fall.


My blush, red in rush, the snow of my face

Love, serenity, lovely kiss and taste

Don’t hold me still, don’t let me go, don’t go away


While I figure out how happiness is to be contained



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