The icing on top of us is snow

it coats our shoulders, hat and nose.

We are not alone, foreign to aliens

common to few.

We are not rain, nor a cloud full of scorn

we are dew.

Morning’s innocence we are holding dear the glimmer within.

White flags wave above us

I chose you, to carry my love around

Well, I must be vain and stubborn still

to believe I contributed to our fate

I still claim I called you mine and

mine you’ve become.

But no

neither does the moon choose to be a mirror

the sun never complied to be the fire

we all just are.

therefore you are

therefore I am

a single, simple melody

a besung script

but I shall not skip the ornament of chance

I will not spoil our tale with stories of greater things

because we are what this is

we should love things

by which we are not missed.


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