I sat close to him because I saw nothing wrong with sitting next to him. Still it seemed like I’ve been justifying him in front of myself although the man did nothing wrong.

But my own day started wrong, I was late for every appointment that morning and I felt guilty to the bone. It was an unusually warm weather for a January day.

I had to wait for my friends for an hour because they were late as well. It happened to be next this old weary man. His clothes were old and dirty. He wore layers to keep himself warm I suppose. Next to his feet rested a large bag filled with trifles I assumed. A bottle of water filled with a yellowish liquid was near him. Looking like a warrior and guardian of a kind heart a German Shepard lied in front of this man’s being.

A waiter went out from a cafe to light a cigarette. He looked at this man whose radio buffered horrible turbo folk music. The waiter would smile satisfied and proud. The poor man did not lift his head since I sat on the bench next to his. The waiter took a deep breath after he squashed the cigarette on the floor and called out to him:

“You are a king I swear!”-shouted the waiter in front of his workplace.

“I asked for water half an hour ago.”- the man replied with an angry tone.

“I will see about that.”

The waiter went back in. There is no snow in this winter either. The previous one was as naked as this one. I miss flakes and coldness very much.

I hate being late though. I cannot blame the idle bus driver who seemed too careful on the road. The alarm clock was in my hands when I woke up half an hour after I was supposed to stand up.

It is not this man’s fault either. It is all me. The dog gave me a friendly look. A beautiful dog indeed.

The seemingly homeless man stood up. The dog was startled but ready as an arrow to accompany him to paths unknown.

I never felt poorer than in the moment I realized that I sat next to him to punish myself for being late. I am poor.




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